Recording blackouts

Why do my cameras invariably stop recording when there is an important event? Today 3 of 4 cameras stopped recording for 2 1/2 hours during which there was an incident in the areas they cover.

Are you recording to a uSD card (events or continuous) or depending on cloud events?

It is installed and formatted. However, I do not see a means to access it through the app. Also, the cameras just seem to stop reacting to detection for some periods.

You can access it using the events section in the app. There are times when events contains things that you were not notified with so you should ultimately see if events has recordings during the time you want.

Also check playback while viewing events to see what’s showing up there.

µSD card recording are accessed via the green “View Playbacl” bar at the bottom for cameras using the old User Interface or the “SD Card” icon for cameras using the new UI.
The events tab is for cloud events.

Got it. Thank you.

Derald Plumer