Real Time Lapse

Please make Time Lapse with the Option to actually just be a video sped up. The way it is now with the photos taken every few seconds and then stitched together is choppy and hard to follow if there’s lots of movement

The way that Wyze does time lapse is the by the very definition of time lapse:

A sped up video is not time lapse; it’s just video viewed in fast forward. This can be accomplished by any number of third party tools on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

If you are wanting Wyze to provide the ability to directly play video from the SD card in fast forward, there’s a #wishlist topic for that here:


You may need to adjust your time lapse settings to have a smaller interval between pictures, or your subjects are moving to fast for even the quickest time lapse setting.

I usually set a timelapse for incoming weather, but there have been a few times I have missed storms. I then take out my cameras SD card ( I have continuous recording enabled) and move the SD card footage from the time I want to my computer. I use a video editor to stitch together all the videos and then speed them up to what looks nice. I actually like it better that way because I can adjust the video speed afterwards rather then try and guess with a time lapse before an event. But like Loki said, sped up video is not a “time lapse”.

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I have it set at the fastest setting and it’s still very choppy

What are you trying to film? Time lapse is generally for fairly slow moving things, weather, sunsets, buildings being built, flowers growing, just to name a few.

Here are some examples of what I have done.

This is a traditional time lapse of a storm. I don’t remember what the settings were but the motion was still to fast for my liking, especially at the end when the rotating clouds moved through.

Here is another one where I took saved footage, put it into a video editor and them sped it up.

The minimum time lapse interval is currently 3 seconds. It sounds like what you need is a shorter interval, maybe down to 1 second. If you agree, I can change the title of this post to reflect that and move it to the #wishlist as there doesn’t appear to be this request there yet.