Quick question regarding video quality

In the Cam Pan (v2), when selecting video quality (HD/SD/360), does that just apply to streaming video? In other words, does the setting also apply to the quality at which video is recorded to the SD card? Or both?


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That applies globally, to all recording, SD card, and live view.

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Thanks for that. So, theoretically, if I set a camera to SD (or even 360) versus HD, I should be able to record longer on the SD card, correct?

The reason I ask is because I have a camera in an area where higher definition is not important, and I just want to maximize how the recorded video history on the SD card.

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SD setting will essentially double your time capacity on your card (give or take a margin) compared to HD recording.

For example, on a 32GB card recording continuous, HD = about 3.5 days (+/-); SD = about 7 days (+/-)

You mentioned 360p. Here is a statement by Wyze: