Question on Notification & Changing Email. New User

I just set-up 5 Wyze Cam and I am having trouble. I would appreciate help with the following:

  1. I set up the app on my phone with my main e-mail but want notifications to go to my secondary e-mails. How can I change the e-mail notifications?

  2. I set up Notifications but have not received any. What else do I need to adjust?

  3. Once I leave home can I deactivate “WiFi” setting on my phone? Normally I just run off my mobile connection since I have unlimited Data. I had to turn on my phone’s “WiFi” to get Wyze to work.

Thank you.

Hello @Secure17,

Wyze notifications come though via the App not email.

You may want to visit the wish list for this option listed below: (Click Vote on the upper left)


Thanks I will take a look. Can I specify a different email than the one I used to set up the app?

To access your cameras including notifications you need to be signed in to the app with the email you signed up with ( since your cameras are attached to that account). Notifications do not go through email currently, they are Push notifications through the Wyze app itself.

EDIT: if you want to change the email address period, You would need to create another account, and re-add your cameras to the newly created account.


For the second part of your question:

I have mine set up as such:
Event recording: Detects motion
Notifications: Send Notifications ON and Person Detection ON.
From the Live feed Screen under the “more” button I also have motion tagging selected.

That is how I have mine set up for person/motion detection.

So this sends me notifications when motion is detected and if its a person. you may change it to notify you for all motion events if you like.

For the 3rd part of your Question, yes you do not have to be connected to your WiFi network to view your cameras.


You can use IFTTT to make email notifications to whatever email address you choose.


Great answer exactly what I needed. Thanks


If you haven’t checked it out yet , there is a lot of good information on the Support Site here

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