How you suppose that Picture was taken?

Friction? :thinking: :grin:


Here is the German troop

Compare and contrast?

I like the physicality of the American scene. Two kids. Native senses. Trained attention.

The German scene is fraught because Nazis. And they’re in a group.

Maybe the American kid is pointing at the German kids, about to tell his friend, ‘We are not like them and must never be.’


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You might get 'Cancelled" because you did not include a “Girl” in the “Boy” Scouts Photo. You need to get with the times. :rofl: :rofl:

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If I do, will you bail me out of woke jail? :grin:

Incidentally, I talked to a young person just yesterday and they said I’m ok. :+1:

You don’t have to worry about that in New York State or California, they have done away with or are doing away with bail because it is not fair to poor criminals. The makers of the board game Monopoly will probably have print 350 Million “Get out of Jail Free” cards soon. :upside_down_face:

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