Plus is offline today, pairing light flashing?

My plug went offline today so I unplugged it and plugged it back in after 10 seconds. The light that is plugged into is is working now but the pairing light is flashing and it still shows offline in the app. Any idea how to resolve this issue?


Same. This thing is going into the trash. Done dealing with the connectivity issues these products have.


Unfortunately if you’re using a plug that has a grey colored key printed on the back and you’re running the latest firmware, there is no known fix for this issue.

WYZE has known about the issue and has received dozens maybe even hundreds of logs from paying customers regarding this issue. The issue has persisted for over 2-months now and there has been zero communication from a WYZE employee regarding this matter for over a month.

Just search the forum and you will see that you are far from alone when it comes to this issue. I took the small action I could and left a 1-star review on Amazon detailing this matter.

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Although not a long term fix, you should be able to re-pair/add the plug back to your account. Just use the add device option from the main page. You shouldn’t need to delete the plug. After you’ve successfully added it back it should work for some time before it goes off line again and you have to repeat the process.

If you dump the un-Wyze plugs, I found Z-Wave home automation to be reliable and as a bonus when the internet or cloud goes down local control still works unlike Wyze plugs/switches

What are you using to control the Z wave stuff? SmartThings has the same problems when the internet connection is down. Been toying with OpenHub but don’t have it setup yet.

My alarm panel by Honeywell model L7000 has a built in Z-Wave controller that is accessable by Total Connect App when internet/cloud is up.

When internet/cloud is down the touchscreen keypad allows access to all Z-Wave devices locally. Besides each Z-Wave device also has local control at switch/device.

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I installed 7 z wave switches and one power outlet so far for use with SmartThings. They work well and I still have local control on the physical devices so I can turn lights on and off, even without internet. Going to do some testing with OpenHab since it allegedly works without any cloud services so you get local control of z wave and zigbee devices.

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