Playback video distorted

I record my Wyze camera videos on the SD card. Since the last update the playback is very fuzzy. If it is a person walking by, you can’t see the person because the video is very fuzzy. You see training images of the person.

I’ve changed nothing on my Wyze camera settings. Can this be fixed?

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The trailing or streaking video could mean a couple things: slow connection, slow read at source, slow render at app.

Several questions: Did you recently update the App? What version? Which FW update to the cam did this? What video quality are you recording in? When I updated once, the update reset ALL of my cams to 480p quality from HD! My only guess was because Wyze wanted to save cloud space. Check that didn’t change.

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This has been happening to me too. Everything was playing back clear and smooth and then one day playback is always distorted. Can’t see anymore exactly what happened. I have two pan cameras and one V3 of a camera that doesn’t pan. The distortion is appearing with all of them. I don’t remember which update caused this anymore. At the time i expected it to correct itself eventually but seems to have never happened.

Have you tried viewing the video after enabling the Hardware Decoder option in Account > App Settings?