Pan V3 camera creeps up and forgets its original waypoint and lower limit

I feel that the two issues are related because once the camera has crept upward, I can’t lower it even manually because I am told I have reached the camera limit. If I go all the way to the right and left then it rests but the original waypoint is still gone and I have to redo it. It seems that maybe the camera is forgetting its lower limit and that’s why it creeps up.

I do this once a week at least because I need the camera to stay stationary unless it detects movement. I contacted tech support and their brilliant solution was “have you done a factory reset?” and even though I’ve heard this complaint from many other V3 Cam users and I have 2 cameras that have the same problem, support believes it’s an issue on my end.

Is there a fix for this in the works?


This is not a fix to your entire problem, but maybe this will help when you cannot move camera,

Try to reset the position and you may be able to move the camera.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 7.00.10 PM

When it can’t move down, I can still move it left and right or maybe even a little higher if it’s not stuck all the way up. Doing that kind of makes it remember that it can also move down.

I’m having the same issue with mine. Randomly I’ll see mine has turned completely around and faces a wall or it is somehow out of the way points I’ve set for it. It will only move back if i do it manually.