Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

This camera uses a PIR sensor to trigger events it’s not like the v2 cameras so you will have way less faults events. I get it everyone wants that special feature on a battery operated camera but unless you’ve ever owned a battery operated camera there will always be limitations and you won’t understand. I have had the arlo pro and it works great but not for the price and the cloud storage and yes the only thing Wyze should have done is make a removable battery. Wyze outdoor camera is for people that can’t Install a power source or won’t install professional security cameras. I’m sure Wyze will make the v3 camera semi waterproof. Wyze have proven to make great products at a great price For everyone. Nothing is perfect with every tech company, arlo has its problems, nest has its problems and so does blink. I’m just thankful that Wyze is making it affordable for everyone.


Please do not get me wrong. I like a lot of wyze’s products and have most of what they sell. (Band, scale, sensors and cameras) and mostly I am happy with them.

Are they perfect? No. But at the price point they simply can not be matched.

I just wish wyze would listen and take the time they need to produce a cam that a lot of people want. Removable battery, solar option etc.
It just seems to me they rushed this one to market without giving full consideration to what many people were asking for. Is it at a great price point? Yes.
Is it what I want/need it to be? No.

So I will be waiting and looking for an alternative to this camera. Will it cost me 4 times as much? Most likely.

All I am asking for is the solar panel. If it supported that I would be a happy guy.


Why do people keep asking wyze to come up with a solar solution? Just buy a solar panel of your choosing that has microSD. Plug it in and silicone the port.


Because a solar panel with it. Or charging the camera in anyway other than the supplied way will void the warranty. Also not sure what voltage and amp rating would be good or if wyze has internel voltage regulator.

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I’ve read they are looking in to a solution, not sure if it’s a solar panel or just a waterproof power cord, but we’ll see what happens.

Not many care about the voided warranty, especially on a inexpensive product.

Voltage input is the same as the pan cam, 5v 2a

@ajgraham448, @EyeNsky see this post regarding continuous charging without destroying the battery:

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I find it funny that it seems like most of the people complaining that plugging the WCO in (solar or directly) while using it outside are also same people that have 1 or more V2’s outside exposed to the elements…which also voids the warranty. :crazy_face::rofl:


I just want to say I’m pretty excited for the Outdoor Cam. I understand feeling somewhat letdown because, in the mind’s of people, the Outdoor Cam is kind of like the sequel to a well-loved movie, When you first saw the original, it was new and caught you by surprise so there was no way for it to let you down because you didn’t have any huge expectations for it.

Before a sequel even comes out, you’ve already taken things from the first movie and put together little stories or ideas together in your own mind as to how things should continue. That’s what it’s like with this camera. Everyone already had ideas of what this camera should be, so much so, to the point that when all those things weren’t delivered, it could appear that Wyze let us down or dropped the ball or something.

Is the technology fully what my mind conceived? No, but I’m happy for it because it took Wyze this long to get the incarnation of the outdoor camera that we do have. If they spent more time and money on a weatherproof power solution, it may have been even more delayed. At least now we get something and they may be working on a waterproof power cord accessory that we don’t even know about.

I just don’t want the people at Wyze, after all their hard work, to feel like we’re ungrateful. Like they took time to listen to us and hear us, and we just act like all that was in vain. I’m wearing a great watch they designed, able to monitor and make sure my wife and house are okay and safe when I’m stuck at work because of Wyze; able to cheaply turn on and off fans in my house without getting out of bed because of them, able to make sure certain cabinets aren’t being opened by the kids because of them…all things I weren’t able to do so easily before because the cost would have been too tremendous…I just don’t want these men and women who gave me all that to feel like they failed or that I’m unappreciative of all of that.


Are you basing that on anything in print from WYZE?
I’m asking because that is very unlikely. It’s just a 5V USB charger.

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Technically there’s a few videos where they have screen captured responses stating it’s a VOID WARRANTY situation. I’m not PO’d but to not have optional 120v first source and solar or ? As second or third firmware onboard option kills it.

I’m old school, I’m Yi… Yi Outdoor cam did this 3 yrs ago and it’s still running sound. How did we end up with Battery only and not 18650 or 21700 with a 2 screw cover to make it waterproof? Why proprietary battery and no trust for users to change batteries and be done in minutes…in a ladder in the winter hours later.

Mind boggling. Why so difficult to just see what people asked for and make it so thin margined that it caters to who?

Wyze is Northwest America and they know the climate, why do they ask us to endure winter and ice conditions to remove and recharge camera?

When the outdoor cameras get here and you want to Mount it to a pole , a tree or something like that , I’m betting these will work , you can bend them whatever way you want, I have an Arlo cam mounted on a pole with one. they have 1/4-20 male threads


Thx for pointing this out. Initially, I currently intend to use a little electrician’s tape and some cable ties… all subject to change as the situation requires. :wink:

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WYZE has stated that leaving the camera plugged in while outside may void the warranty.
Have they said that using a charger other than the one supplied also voids the warranty?
That was the comment i was responding to.

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I’m pretty sure you can use any usb charger you like as long as it meets the power requirements.

how well does the PIR in WCO perform?
if it is like the PIR in motion sensor, it is not well.

i used to mount montion sensor in frontdoor, got lots of motion alerts, and i am sure there is no car passing by

to test, i moved the motion sensor inside the shed, i got more than 5 alerts in a day, when there is absolute no person/animals inside the storage shed

the PIR works very well. It wakes the cam quick. I have several v2 outside under eaves and they get a ton of false events (most bugs), I don’t get many false events on the WCO

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Does it detect you every time? Or had there ever been a missed event?

I’ve had missed events on some previous firmwares. Current firmware is very accurate for me.

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Well during testing (which has been going on for a long time), results can vary, so I’ll answer based on current firmware. I just reviewed all my WCO events today, all were legit and no missed events.

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Thank you!

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