Outdoor setup - Floodlight interference?

Hi all,
I am new here and just getting everything set up and working out the bugs. I have noticed that my Pan camera does not seem to be picking up motion at night. I could stand right in front of the camera and wave at it and no motion event is created, If I look at live feed of that camera while standing in front of it I can see myself so I know the camera is working. It also has no issues during the day. I did install it outdoors under an eave and over a floodlight which looks down at my cars. Could the floodlight be creating some sort of issue that would prevent the camera from creating motion events? Does anyone have any experience with this?

There is another case reported here where the camera mounted to close to a motion sensing light was causing problems. The user had to move the camera a bit farther away from the light.

ok thanks I will try to move it and see if I get better results.