Opie is Back for More at the Birdbath


What’s the white disk with the rock on top? A heater?

Edit: never mind… I see your other post. :+1:

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Put some marshmallows in there for a snack. Opie will eat them and be happy! :grin:

Ha, I can’t stand those things. Ever since I was a kid they made me gag. I don’t keep anything sugary in the house, but I’ll think about it. Do they eat rodents?

Yes they catch and eat rodents. Please don’t put the marshmallows in the birdbath… put them around the birdbath.

Thanks. Yeah, I wouldn’t put any kind of food in there.

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Opie snacks, take your pick :rofl:

Put snacks here. :grin:


Thanks. Opposum, though. There’s a difference between that and a possum.
I’ll bet if I food his favorites out there, the cats would get it first.

The information I posted is about the North American Virginia Opossum commonly know as a Possum. Anna Catharina preferers just “POSSUM” . :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
“Possum” is a different animal normally found in Australia.

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Opossum, possum, cooner, cat… same thing. :rofl:

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Yup. A+ for you. :smile: Maybe I’ll leave some table scraps out for him tonight.

My neighbor’s pit bull is named possom, too.

Haha. Reminds me of a video of some little girls picking up baby skunks, thinking they were kittens.
When we lived in Cuba (GTMO), my 5 yr old daughter was playing with her friend outside. Her mother and I were inside her house talking. The girls came in all excited and said, “Look, we found a baby lobster!” I took one look at what her friend was dangling from her hand, yelled and slapped it out of her hand as fast as I could. My ex did a lot of diving and brought home tons of lobsters, so my daughter was familiar with them. What she didn’t know was that her friend was actually holding a huge scorpion by the tail. It fell to the floor and ran across my foot. The other mother gave me a small jar, and I quickly slammed it upside down on it. I didn’t realize it had flour in it, haha. Anyway, it was too big for the cup, and I ended up chopping its tail off in the process. That was in 1987.


I didn’t think they came out during the day lol

1 AM color night vision

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I have seen them out during the day at times. Same woth raccoons.

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Ohh, good idea on the snack tray idea.

Oh, did you think that was during the day?

I left some (stuck on the bottom of the pot) rice out there the other night to see who would take it. Going to upload another vid in a while.

Opie is cute. And very young.
Opossums are very beneficial to have around.

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Yeah, I don’t mind him coming around. He used to go across my backporch a few years back, before I blocked the edges with screens.

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