Off line security cameras on vacation house

My two Wyse cameras go off line ever since you did some updates last month. The house is 600 miles away and cannot power up. I cave a wireless security system with out cameras. My outside ring flood light cameras and security system have not gone off line what do I do

Please see this post:

You should not need to follow the temporary solution listed there as we believe the problem is fixed.

However, you may need to reboot the camera. You should be able to do this via the settings page (live stream > gear icon) in the app, even though the live stream is not working.

Strange I am getting recording on upstairs cam some times but no live video???

We live 600 miles away how can I reboot

Do not reboot. Go to the post above and read the description. There is a fix you can do from a distance. Yes notifications are still working.

Go to the camera in the app. Even though the live stream fails, tap the gear icon and then Restart Camera. The the comm channels used for restart and live stream are separate so this should work.

Upstairs started living room did not we had the cameras for 3 weeks with no problem then came the notice about an upgrade. The upstairs has been spotty downstairs doesn’t work both worked for 3 weeks. I know the wifi is good because of ring cameras and house security St have never been off. A we’re put in about 40 days ago

Cam says no wifi signal but camera is very close to modem upstairs with h is working is farther away. Could camera be defective or do I need a smart plug when I go north in several months