Notifications vs. Live Stream during a phone call

I’ve noticed while I’m having a phone conversation, notifications will not play. I receive the push notification and can pull up the notice, it just will not play. I can go to Live Stream and view the live feed. That works. I just can’t see exactly what caused the notice unless I end the call. Is that a known thing? I have not tried to view Playback while also on a call.

What phone OS and app versions are you using?

iOS 12.1 and App ver. 1.5.65. I did notice I am able to view playback, while on a call, so the only thing not working is playing the video from the cloud from under notifications during a call. I’m starting to wish notifications took me to that point in the playback instead of playing a 12 second clip from the cloud.

It’s been a few days and I’ve been focused on new issues introduced with 2.0, but the last two times I tried this while on a call, I was able to view the videos and live stream. Thanks!!