Not recording events all of a sudden

I usually get 50+ events on a couple of my cameras. All of a sudden I’m I’m only getting two or three a day. I didn’t change any settings before this started. I have checked all settings and believe they are correct. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?

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I’m having a similar problem over the last 12 hours. Without me changing anything, some cameras record and notify as they should, while other cameras are working, but not recording and sending notifications.

All cameras have been reset, but still the problems remain.

Same thing here it stopped about 9:30 last night

Try deselecting Smart AI (like Person) in Events so only Motion is selected. I know it sounds weird but all of my Motion Events including Person tagging will show up.

I have a vehicle on my deck :rofl: Must be my gas grill.

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Well is does have wheels. :rofl:

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Only 2 :upside_down_face:

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I unchecked all the boxes and it worked everything’s there now hopefully they fix it so I can block out what I don’t want to see thanks for the help greatly appreciate it

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None of my cameras have been recording for the past 24 hours.

I know I’m going to kick myself in the ass for saying this but the last 3 days my cameras have been working perfectly LOL I hope everything’s working better for you now