Not all fountain water evaporates

I thought the water was gong down fast and there were no leaks…

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That is SO COOL!! Where do you live? The coolest thing I MIGHT see is a Skunk haha. Or coyote… maybe a raccoon or opossum :slight_smile:

Oh WOW, this is one of my favorites. I always count myself so blessed when I can see wildlife of any kind.

Adorable. That’s some brave deer, they must have been thirsty!

Very interesting: @robboz4 Are you interested in us sharing this video in the Discover section of the app and possibly on our social media? If so, how would you like for us to credit you?

Norther California. Sorry Didn’t get a notice anyone had seen it!

Sure. In terms of credits you mean name location etc? You can use robboz4 norther CA if you like.