Noonlight Faiiled Me in my emergency

I attempted to use the noon light feature to request EMS after it fall from a seizure All that happened was I received a text message saying they received the alert and what services I was requesting and the word in parentheses sandbox I received no phone call to follow up and no one ever came. I layed there bleeding with my trust in Wyze sense of judgment and overall compassion for their customers that there is a potential problem so they don’t end up waiting for no one to call or come to my aid. Otherwise there putting there faith and their possible lives
This bug needs to be addressed and it bothers me that it hasn’t been posted on any of the important or known issues bulletins because this service is needed seriously by some people and they depend on it and when it fails wyze fails… received no follow-up like told, yet either way pretty disappointed and should be cause for grave concern Now I’m stuck with this alarm active because I can’t cancel it when I enter the right pin it just goes back to enter pin when I enter the wrong pin it tells me that I entered the wrong pin

Welcome to the Wyze community @daykylew!
Sorry about your experience!
It seems you’re using the beta version of the app. Remember that the emergency button is still in testing and shouldn’t be relied on for emergency use. this was stated in the terms for beta use.
It was also stated by Wyze here:

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Definitely a sad miscommunication/misunderstanding. I’m so sorry you went through that daykylew!

For others to understand better so nobody else accidentally goes through something like this (thanks for bringing this up so it can be clarified and prevent others having a similar misunderstanding), it wasn’t a bug, and it most certainly has been addressed and the actual Noonligh emergency service works correctly. The problem is that the official Noonlight service wasn’t actually being used here.

In the tech world, the word Sandbox actually means you are using just a testing environment that does not have full access to all the resources, programs, full functionality, etc. It is “sandboxed” meaning it is securely separated for testing purposes. In this case, it might’ve even just been a beta bot for testing purposes. It was definitely not the actual Noonlight service. While I don’t work for nor represent Wyze, I feel confident in saying that they would never wish this on anyone, and they certainly do feel compassion for this and made lots of efforts to explain the differences to people in how the testing would work like this if people read their announcements about using it. I’m not sure what more they could’ve have done to inform people other than force a person to manually type out an exact copy of the entire disclaimer and the use-instructions themselves before being allowed to use it to ensure people didn’t skip understanding what the tests meant and how they would work.

Anyway, in summary, this wasn’t a bug, the beta test ran exactly as it was designed, and gave a warning by including the word SANDBOX in the reply to remind the tester that it wasn’t an actual real-life program that would actually call police, but was running in testing mode to make sure there aren’t accidental calls or fines by calling police during a test. The software thought you were just TESTING to see what would happen if a pretend situation occurred, and didn’t send any responders because it thought you understood it was sandboxed and if it actually sent responders then you’d be fined for a false alert. It’s possible your messages was never actually seen by a human, and only a bot, or if by a person, it would be someone in training who was told this was purely training and none of the alerts they got were real ones because everyone’s been informed it’s sandboxed testing only. Nobody had any reason to think this was real, and that is terribly unfortunate! I’m confident that everyone is glad it didn’t turn out worse.

Anyone else using this in beta form, if you have an emergency please dial 911 on your phone yourself for now, or buy another solution (there are devices that do this). Or switch to the production version of this. The Noonlight service will be officially working correctly with the live HMS system.

Best wishes on daykylew’s recovery and for making sure people know that the beta emergency button is currently testing, not actually running live official Noonlight services yet. Nobody wants anyone to go through something similar due to another misunderstanding. But daykylew most said this bug needs to be addressed, and you can at least rest assured that it has been addressed and won’t be a problem when everything is running the live Noonlight service.


Terrible story. It only confirms my impression that FAR too many ordinary people are using beta software and services. It was better when this sort of testing was confined to geeks and small concentrated test bases.

Not really blaming Wyze specifically. It started around the time of GMail’s perpetual beta.

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