Noonlight Emergency Alert button - how should it work?

I tested the alert emergency button.

A panel popped up showing alarm had been set with a button for canceling.

Then I received a text asking the problem. After texting the three times, I received no text response. So I eventually canceled the test for fear it would automatically dial 911.

Has anyone chatted with the monitoring system to understand how they respond to text, once they first auto text.

As an emergency might require a paramedic or fire department rather than the Police, I would like to avoid delays by being able to describe the problem by text or phone.


One question: Are you using the Beta version of the app?

Only the production version of the app is connected to the production monitoring center. The beta version of the app is using only beta servers from Noonlight so it can be tested as much as possible without triggering any false alarm. This can be recognized when the SMS message received initially has the words (SANDBOX) at the end.

If you are using the production version of the app, please let me know ASAP as we would have a bug. I would ask you to reproduce the problem and send the log through the feedback and let me know the ticket number.

Thank you,

As for the way the way this is working, after you receive the text, the monitoring center will try to call you on the same phone number. You can pick up the call and describe your emergency or you can answer also the SMS and describe your emergency.

I thought wyze wasnt a security device. By putting security features on such a low quality device (sound/video match, lose recording w/o wifi, no pc access, etc) it is going to cause more problens. Especially since I doubt you’ll get this option working correctly if judged by past problems.

Emergency Button is an option for the user to contact a monitoring center. There is nothing automated so it’s like a souped up 911.

We are working on something bigger but we are also re-evaluating the connectivity of all the devices that would be part of the solution. We know some of the limitations of the current hardware and working to address them.

As with all other issues and support from wyze, i think the same…


(This is DASVON, though I’m not sure who it will show as responding.)

Yes I was using BETA. So I’ll move over to the normal APP and see what happens. Thanks.

edit: hmmm or am I. I’m using ver. 2.11.37 , the only Wyze app I find on Google Apps. What does that mean.

edit #2 update: oh yes, it says SANDBOX. I thought I had two apps, but apparently I’m only running BETA?

Codyd1 / Dasvon – yes I’m both.

You’re either in tbe beta program or you’re not. You can’t run both versions of the app.
If you want to go back to the production version you have to leave the beta program within the PlayStore. Then you uninstall you’re current version and install from the PlayStore again.

Then as I’m security monitoring three buildings, I suppose I need to drop out of the beta program. Thanks.