No live sound - port blocked?

I’ve got 8 of these cameras and love them. I use 2 at home and 6 at work. The ones at work won’t transmit live sound, I can only hear it for motion detected recordings when I play them back. The ones at home work fine. I imagine this means my work is blocking the port used to transmit live sound from the camera to my app.

Does anybody know if this is the case and if so, what port I need to request to be unblocked? Could there be another problem causing this?


Good questions, but until someone does a tcpdump capture of packets, we can only guess.

I would have guessed that both would work or wouldn’t, but if you are sure the camera in your app are set up the same (I am assuming that the “Sound” is not disabled in the Live Stream screen). Can you use the “Speak” function? Just to see if audio is blocked in both directions. If you record from live stream app, does the recording have sound?

Do you have wireshark installed somewhere and the ability to capture packets?

I need to setup a raspberry pi 3 as a Wifi access point and then I can capture everything going through it. Too many things to do, not enough time.

Speak function works fine, however I also cannot record one the cameras at work, only the ones at home. I don’t know about packet sniffing stuff.

Open a support ticket. I am just a customer like you, so I don’t have any inside information. I don’t see anything in either the FAQ or Troubleshooting sections that address your situation. So opening a support ticket will be the best option.

When you create your support ticket request, include a link to this thread, so they will have the information you have already described. Also, let them know what camera version, camera fw, iPhone of Android app, App version, and model of phone and O/S version. They will be asking for that, so you can eliminate the delays if you provide that info up front.

Are all 8 phones being used from the same App/Phone? Are they all the same version and FW? All 8 bought at same time? More specifically, are the two that work at home different from the ones at work, or is the only difference the wifi/internet connection. Can you get one of the work cameras and try it at home to see if that makes it work differently?

Any resolution to this? I have 6. All sound is not working. I have an enterprise level network at home, so I suspect it has something to do with this. I just need to understand if there is some sort of packet forwarding that has to be enabled to support this?