No Hub v2 notifications, yes Cam V2 notifications

I received Hub v2 notifications (motion and contact) and then I upgraded to Android 13 and the Wyze app (that changed the notification bell icon from “Zzz” to the universal cross hatch for when account notifications are off).

Now I still receive notifications from v2 cameras, but while the hub beeps when sensors are triggered, I don’t receive any sensor notification. The device notifications setting says “! You will not receive these notifications until you enable Account push notifications”. Account notifications are clearly on since I receive Cam v2 notifications… and I’ve verified the setting.

Wyze Support feedback was to try rebooting. If that doesn’t work (it didn’t), collect a bunch of data and submit a feature request for the development team.

Any thoughts :thinking:… about the sensor notification problem… not Wyze Support.

What are the individual senor notification settings set to? The ones you want notifications for.


Interesting… my keyboard covers up the data entry box in the Wyze app… Only for Wyze. Regardless… notifications are set for motion and contact. Both devices give the same warning. The hub chimes when these, and only these, trigger.

Are set for what? There are many choices.

Can you provide a screenshot?

So the sensors do work, that looks like you have the"tunes" enabled in your HMS settings.

I know it’s been a forum faux pas for 35 years to have more than one subject in a post, but hey, I’m going to continue it … Here’s pics (when I figure out how to upload them) of the text box/keyboard issue and the device notifications page. Events are motion detected and contact open. Sorry… Tunes? HMS?
Thank you for your help.

Ok, I just figured out how to float my keyboard, So that’s not an issue anymore.

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Are you using the forum links in the Wyze app for this? It’s recommended to use a stand alone browser to visit the forums (and all weblinks in the app) because there are compatibility issues like what you experienced. Here is the forum link:

“Tunes” are the bonks you hear through the hub when sensors open and close. These are the settings in your HMS (home monitoring system)s settings to control the tunes.


Have you clicked that push notification link? As you said earlier though, you should have this enabled already because you are getting camera notifications still.

Ok, yes, the hub is configured to play a tune. Yes, I clicked the push notifications link. It just goes to the regular account notifications page. And yes, the account notifications settings page indicates notifications are on and by receiving camera notifications verifies account notifications are on. So… for some reason, the device settings thinks account notifications are off. The hub is probably making the same check that prevents it from sending the notification.

Another possibility… since this happened about a month after I first installed everything and never configured the Wyze Home Monitoring, is it possible that a free period of Home Monitoring expired and it was necessary to receive sensor notifications? So when I was getting sensor notification it was because I was unknowingly using Wyze Home Monitoring? …just a thought…

I too am not getting any notifications from the Sense Hub. I get notifications from other devices just not the sensors connected to the hub. I’ve rebooted, factory reset, signed out and in on app. The app shows the sensors have been tripped but no notifications. All notification settings are on. I’ve been through two rounds with support so far and being directed to product specialists. Hope that goes well.

When you click into the individual sensors on the device list page, and get to this page:

Then click the gear in the upper right (arrowed), then click on “Notifications” menu and get to this page:

What are your settings set to? You get other notifications correct right from other devices?

My settings are all correct. There must be something wrong with my account. I am sharing all the sensors with my wife, and she is getting all the notifications. Which is odd because I have to set the notifications on my account. I experimented with the accounts. I signed out of my account on my phone, then signed into my wife’s(sharing) account, and I get notifications. So then I singed into my account n her phone and no notifications are coming through her phone. I should point out that the only notifications I am not getting on my account are all the sensors under the Wyze sense hub. I get notifications from my cameras and irrigation.

Following up on kmarmorton’s findings… I deleted the sensors and hub from my account (A). I created a new account (B). I added the hub and sensors to B and everything works correctly when the app is logged into B. I shared the sensors from B to A. I logged out of B and signed into A and accepted all the shared B sensors. Account A does not receive notifications from the sensors, account B does. Same phone, same app.

I am having this exact problem, as described above. I do receive notifications from Wyze cameras, but I do NOT receive any notifications from any sensors wirelessly connected to my Wyze Sense Hub. I’ve tried removing the Hub from my account, then re-adding it as a new device, and re-adding my sensors individually, but I still get NO notifications despite the fact that the sensors are configured to send them.

I just tried signing out of the Wyze app on my iPhone, then signing back in… but that too had no effect on the problem.

Are you sharing your Wyze sensors as well? I am still having this issue. Was hoping it was fixed on the latest update but still not working correctly.
I would encourage you to put in a support ticket as this might help escalate it to be looked into more. I didn’t get much help from support other than a credit for the sense hub(which I didn’t take). Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

Just dropping by to mention that my notifications spontaneously started working again a few weeks ago. Hooray!

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Yes, mine too!

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