No circuit board for Wyze Thermostat Revolv EB17D Unit

I just received my Wyze Thermostat. I did the survey before I purchased to make sure it was compatible and it said my system was. However, I am at a standstill.

I only have a 4 wire system, and it tried to walk me through the steps to connect the C-connector to the circuit board.

My system doesn’t have a circuit board, as apparently many do not. My house is a 6 year old Palm Harbor Modular home with an air handler system. The existing 4 wires are hardwired with wire nuts into the system.

I have attached pictures of the wiring diagram, along with pictures of the old thermostat, new thermostat, the old and updated wiring of the C-Adapter.

I am not getting power to the new thermostat, so I assume my C wire is incorrect. I have reconfirmed all connections are solid.
I do not have a meter to determine which wire carries the 24V needed to correct the C-Wire connection.

![Photo Jan 26, 12 18

Edit: Updated photos with labeling and moving G wire to C at theromstat.

it does appear that the black wire is the C wire. I can’t see the labeling on the C wire adapter, do you have the C wire from the adapter connected to black?

also, post a pic of the wired wyze tstat, make sure the green G wire is connected to the C terminal & not to G

Updated photos with better labeling. I moved G to C at thermostat with no change.
I did splice C wire into Black/red originally.

move Rh to Rc

should look like this…note, the app says to label R as Rc, and G as C

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Ken.S Has resolved this.
Thank you brother!


glad to help!

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