New Wyze PAN CAM - 2 new ones, 1 won't record to SSD


So disappointing. I am in shock that my old Chinese 30 euro cams never had such an issue.

I bought 2 cams from local supplier.
I bought 2 new 128 endurance cards.
Brand new everything.
1 Pan Cam worked and records perfectly.
2nd does not.
I changed cards and still same issue.
The one Pan Cam is not recording.
Card put back in 2nd is the one I thought was bad. Nope, works in 2nd cam :(.

Any hope or return it all within my return window?

So sad :(.

Welcome to the Wyze community!

Endurance 128? If by 128 you mean, a 128GB SD card, my Wyze Cams only claim to support up to 32GB cards, though many users claim to have no trouble with 64GB cards.
First try a 32GB SD card.

Second: Try formatting your 128GB on your PC using exFAT32, full format (This takes awhile) The only reason I mention this is because it cured a problem I was having with one brand of SD cards.