New V4 camera


92% chance. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

I just replaced all my v3 cameras with the new v4 cameras. 3 total. I did so because it showed it was 2.5k or it is 2k? Either way it shows it clearly reading a license plate 20 or so feet away. However my cameras are so choppy I can’t read anything even a 10 feet away. Is it just a horrible bit rate? Why would they advertise something that is clearly not present? Is this something that can be changed on my end? I don’t use cam+ because it seems unnecessary for me I can just use an sd card and go and look back if anything changes. Do I have to use cam+ for it to look better? I’m starting to think it may be worth it to pay a little more for cameras that will actually show high quality 1080p with a decent bit rate than stay with these.

Thanks for any replies.

If all 3 are faulty and you want to read license plates you could buy a better cam or return the v4s and live with the v3s. It’s a difficult call.

I’m not sure it’s faulty, after reading other stuff here. I think it’s just how it is. It looks more like 720p quality level than 2k though. If that makes sense. I like the spot lights and the price point but I don’t see why you would even have a 2k camera with a bit rate that’s more akin to 360p.

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My Eufy is 2K and very clear but it won’t fit on my widow sill.