New Cam v3 rattles

I was just about to install my new v3 and as I turned it over to pull the stand away from it, I heard a rattling sound. The sound isn’t coming from the speaker (it’s not even plugged into power). It sounds like there is something loose and rolling around inside the casing. While I have 2 other v3 cams that I bought, I didn’t notice any sounds from them and unfortunately they aren’t where I am so I can’t check.

Once plugged in, the cam appears to function fine, but I’m concerned that there is something defective and now is the time to exchange it while I’m under in the 30 day return window.

Is this normal or does it sound defective?

That’s not normal, but if it’s working fine it could just be a loose piece of plastic in there, harmless.


Nothing should be rattling inside the device. Contact Support to see what they say, sometimes it is better to call:

Could be a piece of plastic like @IEatBeans states, which is not an issue if it is.