My Wyze Cam connected on its own

About a month ago I moved my camera from the kitchen to the living room. I plugged it in but I didn’t press the botton to connect or anything. It stayed just sitting up there this whole time but this morning when I walked in I got a notification telling me there was motion detected. How is that possible? It’s been working all day… is it possible ?

There is no button to connect. That’s the reset button. The camera is always on and can be relocated at will.

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So why did it suddenly decide to start sending notifications? I’ve always had reconnect after unplugging it… Otherwise I couldn’t view from my app

Hmm, probably not really related, but I posted about getting a new notification for the first time in a long time.

Thanks for responding, I’m still a little dumbfounded. My first thought was someone hacked into my camera and “woke it up”.Kinda creepy but I left it because I like being able to keep an eye on things from work but had been to lazy to start it back up… . If u ever figure it out hit me up. Thanks

Well as I implied, what you experienced is just the way it’s supposed to work…