My Pan Cam is making a "grinding noise"

I’ve a pan cam set up inside a living room window in Virginia. I often sit about 8 feet from it. It was activated 02/22/2019 and has sat in the window watching my driveway since about 1 month after that.
Since 1/1/20 until 6/10/21 it just sat there recording 24/7 because I was self quarantined in Ms and only checked it frequently but did not want to change ANYTHING because it was far out of reach to fix.
In the past few weeks it’s started making a “grinding noise”, almost like a gear for a filter was grinding, The noise is loud enough to hear over a moderate conversation, probably about 50 dB. This happens at least 3 or 4 times a day.
When I rotate it or change the ir setting with the app there is no appreciable noise.

Anybody else experience similar?

Today I noticed it made the noise at 1000, 1100, and 1200, (EDT) on or within a few seconds of the hour.
And I checked and it is not on time lapse.
Above was 8/2/21.
Today, 8/3/21 it hasn’t made a sound, and I have not done anything to it.