My pan cam has decided it likes looking at one plant in my garden

I have had a pan cam on the back corner of my home for about a year. It aims at the the street that runs along side my house and the intersection but also gets my garden. For some reason, it has decided to move the camera to face down and aim at a plant. I thought maybe a bird or something pushed it, so I’ve been out there many times and adjusted it to aim where I want it. Within seconds of me moving it, it will readjust itself and lower to the plant. I’ve tried all the rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, unplugging…etc but it still does the same thing. How do I get it to aim where I want it to?

Try this, set a single waypoint where you want the camera to stay. :point_down:

Also, check to see if a detection zone has been set. Your Pan cam will return to the position set in the detection zone 15 seconds after it has moved.

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Thank you! This seemed to work. I appreciate all your help.