I always have a web tab open with a live view of my front window and all the sudden I look over and instead of my 5 cameras its just a single view of a “Kitchen Cam” and its SOMEONE ELSES HOUSE and I see some big black dog walking around.

This is EXTREMELY concerning! Something like this should NEVER happen.

Just turned off ALL my cameras and will be looking to purchase a new home security system from another manufacturer.

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Heres a screenshot.

If this is your house, you need to disconnect immediately.

I would email Wyze directly.

Yes, Thats the Same Camera I am Seeing with the Dog and Dog Crate and Someone else Kitchen??

Looks like they’ve now disconnected live web view. Guess they’re aware of the security flaw.

This just now happened to me.

Yes, Happening to a lot of Cameras, I just spoke with a few of my friends I pursued to by Wyze cameras instead of Nest :disappointed:, and they have had the same problem just now. They all called and reported it.

I am getting that same house and my cameras are down

The worst part was you could see all of their events also, many things lying about on the cabinets that are a security risk to them.
Looks like it is from a camera in Tennessee, Some of the young boys were wearing jerseys with Tennessee schools. is currently under maintenance. We are working on this and will update when it’s available again. We apologize for the inconvenience. Could you please contact our Security Team directly so we can continue that investigation?


I sent an email to

Called tech support to let them know that I snipped several screen shots

The support did not even want me to send the information

yup. just happened to me too. I even logged out and it was still showing me someone else’s living room. I cleared my cookies and that seemed to fix it

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I got a camera of a ladys house and shes like in pijamas with a cat walking around. This is really bad!

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I had a woman’s living room with her black cat in my events view. The live view didn’t work. I logged out and was able to use my cameras again. I raised the flag with chat support and I got mostly canned responses. Then told to email I pulled the plug on the cameras and dumped them in the garbage. I halfway expect someone to tell me, “It’s not a bug. It’s a feature!”

I think I had the same access… no live view but the cloud event page worked

Sounds like the ‘chickadee cam’ I saw

Here is a good link to keep an eye on. The Wyze Service Status & Known Issues page. Yes this problem is listed on there.

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Hey all,

This was a web caching issue and is now resolved. For about 30 minutes this afternoon, a small number of users who used a web browser to log in to their camera on may have seen cameras of other users who also may have logged in through during that time frame.

The issue DID NOT affect the Wyze app or users that did not log in to during that time period.

Once we identified the issue we shut down for about an hour to investigate and fix the issue.

This experience does not reflect our commitment to users or the investments we’ve made over the last few years to enhance security. We are continuing to investigate this issue and will make efforts to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We’re also working to identify affected users.

We will let you know if there are any further updates.


Good Morning, 5:30 am EST
Thank you, Wyze for promptly fixing this security issue.
However, It seems now on Web View - Live Stream
That it stops the live stream and logs you out every 5-10 minutes.
Is this the fix??

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