Mounting outdoor cam base

While mounting my new Outdoor Camera Base I found out that the holes that the provided screws were supposed to go thru were too small. I had to drill them out enough to allow the screw head to go thru so that I could then mount the base.
I’ve sent this issue to Wyze in the hope that they will make a change to their mold so we don’t have to be creative to mount the camera.

Are you talking about the base for mounting the outdoor cam?. I drilled a small hole in the siding of the house (Wood) put the screw in about 98% of the way, hung the cam base on the screw shaft then finished tightening the screw so it was snug,. Then I adjusted the cam detection zone and tightened the screw so it was tight, no problem.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The supplied screw head could not go thru the opening on the back side of the bracket without tremendous force!

I watched the video and it doesn’t show or mention force at all. I’ve got another cam arriving today and I’ll check it out when it comes.

I give up :face_with_raised_eyebrow: it’s simple. The base hangs on the shaft of the screw,. The screw is tightened so the head of the screw is flush and tight against the back of the base not though the hole ???/

@Antonius, he is well aware of that sir, if the problem is widespread then he is hoping that Wyze will adjust the slot size to allow the screw head to enter it easier.

What can I say, I installed 4 cams without issue.

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Defects happen… It’s part of life

The young lady in the video had no problem either :grin:

I’m afraid if they use a smaller head screw we won’t be able to use enough torque using any cross point screwdriver without ruining the screw. When I used the the supplied screw I almost ruined it because it’s made of “soft” metal. I used a brass screw from my workbench instead.
To me, the answer is t have them adjust the hole size appropriately.

I agree with you. But, if you mount as shown in the video, you first install the screw into wood, then you hang the mount by putting the head of the screw through the hole, slide it up into the slot, align the base, and tighten to hold.
I could NOT get the screw head through the hole without using a bit to widen it.
It’s on and doing great. I love their new outdoor weather proof camera.

I know. I’m a semi pro woodworker with many talents and can easily follow her simple instructions.

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