Motion detectors trigger IFTTT on "clear" instead of "detected"

Motion detectors trigger on “clear” instead of “detected” causing the action to be delayed until cool down expires and the sensor goes clear. I’m trying to use IFTTT to send a webhook when motion is detected.

Currently, I’m seeing the issue on;

  1. V1 motion sensor connected to bridge*
  2. V1 sensor connected sense hub
  3. V2 sensor connected to sense hub

I have an open support case with Wyze Ticket 2726322

Does anyone have any insite of possible work arounds?


Home Assistant automation

alias: Motion v1 Test - bridge
description: ‘’

  • platform: webhook
    webhook_id: Motion_v1_bridge
  • service: light.turn_on
    data: {}
    device_id: cd375f0fc8a1257833c88109131f03e1
    mode: single

IFTTT Applet

Make a web request

Action ran, 10:49 AM




{ "action": "call_service", "service": "light.turn_on", "entity_id": "light.pink_test_2" }


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Not that you need it, but I am just confirming your findings. I tested the triggers and got the same results. They are backwards.

Seems like a simple text label change by IFTTT staff to relabel the descriptions of the trigger selections would be the quickest correction.

At any rate. You can use the Motion Clear trigger until they fix it since that is the one that is triggering on motion.

Thanks for testing this for me. It works this way and I can move forward now. I’ll just expect everything to break when this is “fixed”.

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:rofl: Not sure that will be any time soon. But, you certainly will know it when it does.

I’ve setup an ifttt for the motion sensor in my foyer to trigger a Wyze plug to turn on (which turns on a lamp), and then a rule in the Wyze app to turn it off after 2 mins. It’s all pretty straightforward.

The problem is,… it only works about a third of the time. Another third it turns on after a minute or two, and the final third times it just never triggers. When I look at the ifttt activity log, it shows the sensor being triggering the applet to run, so I guess it’s the Wyze plug not doing what it needs to do?

I have been trying to use IFTTT to send notifications and texts that will trigger macros to run on my phone. I started experimenting with IFTTT after Alexa Notifications were found to be inconsistent with massive latency issues. I found IFTTT to be no better. Both are unreliable for my needs.

I have now resorted to triggering Smart Uploads from my Wyze cams. These notifications have proven much more reliable and timely.

Why are you using IFTTT for this if both are Wyze devices? A Wyze Trigger Rule will do that much more reliably.

I just setup an applet to use the Wyze motion sensor in my garage to turn off a YoLink switch and found that this is still backwards in IFTTT. Glad I remembered this post!



I just have never used Wyze rules like that, my mind just went to ifttt for that. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I opened a ticket with IFTTT and they told me that the integration was 100% on the Wyze side. I opened a Wyze ticket and provided logs but no update rom them for a month.