Missing vacuum help!

Hi can anyone help please. Wyze had sent my vacuum in April to dhl to ship. DHL have then shipped it using Royal Mail and have said it is not their problem. The tracking number matches a Royal Mail delivery of a small/medium sized brown jiffy envelope that would mean it is very small and not in a box. Or they got the tracking number wrong.
Does anyone know what size roughly it would have been???

You didn’t say which vacuum, but if it was the robot vacuum, then it should have been in a brown cardboard box measuring 19" x 16.5" x 5.5" and weighing 12.65 lbs (at least mine was, but mine was one of the very first shipments):


If it was the handheld vacuum, then it should have been in a brown cardboard box measuring 20" x 10.25" x 4.25" and weighing 3.75 lbs:


DHL sucks. They lost a package of mine and after complaining repeatedly they sent me someone else’s package containing a dozen WiFi boards for laptops worth over $1,000. They didn’t know who they belonged to. In the package, which been opened repeatedly by customs, there was a Chinese packing slip with an email address and I was eventually able to forward them to the rightful owner, who sent me an Amazon gift card as a reward.


Wyze doesn’t usually use DHL. Is this outside of the U.S.?
Maybe the tracking number was mixed up with another package? The packages in the picture definitely aren’t a robot or handheld vacuum.
I would contact the shipping company for support.

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