Mesh Router/Pro: UDP / MDNS Performance with multiple nodes

Is there any information that can be provided on the UDP / mDNS performance of these routers when used with wireless backhaul?

I’ve been through a bunch of routers over the past few years because I have a reasonably large house (~4000 sq ft) and a large number of devices (12 ethernet, ~140 WiFi, most of those 2.4GHz IoT devices).

SO many mesh systems work well enough to great for “it connects to the router / node” but absolutely blow when a lot of devices need to use UDP/mDNS to be discovered and controlled by their apps, or need it to talk to each other in groups. None of mine are HomeKit devices, but they and really anything that uses UDP/mDNS are affected as well.

The issue is usually either a relatively shallow upper limit to the amount of UDP traffic the system allows between mesh nodes. or just the simple inability to reliably broadcast UDP packets between every node in the mesh. The problem may not be noticable with just a handful of 2.4GHz IoT devices, but becomes obvious when there are a lot of them. There are two systems I’ve found that are relatively reliable, but they have other issues that have me considering alternatives.

So, what if any kind of testing has been done around this, and what kind of information can you provide?

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