Lock keypad access code timezone confusion

I have a wyze lock with keypad that is located in a different timezone from where I am physically at. When I use the wyze app to set temporary access codes it seems that the code is being set using the current timezone of where my phone is located not where the keypad is located.

  1. Can anyone confirm this behavior?
  2. It would be helpful to at least include a note on the time selection screen to indicate what timezone the time will be, even better if it shows the timezone of the keypad and the delta between the two?

I assume the keypad is picking up the timezone from the WiFi it is on? It would be nice to get a confirmation of what timezone the keypad thinks it is in.

The net result of this is that I set a code on the keypad and it didn’t work for my guest. It appears this is because my phone was several hours behind the timezone of the keypad, when the guest entered the code it wasn’t yet the allowed time in my timezone but it was after the allowed time in the timezone where the keypad is located

Confusing and frustrating