Lock auto-unlocked for strangers!

Has anyone had the problem where your lock unlocks for strangers?

We’ve had the door unlock when delivery persons dropped packages or food off at the front door. I verified that no one unlocked the door, so this is very concerning.

The only thing out of normal was the lock had a low battery showing in the app. Even if that is the cause, it still is worrisome. If it happens again with new batteries, my wife will probably have me disable the auto unlock.

Interesting, I can’t get it to work for me in any consistent way. Yours works so well it works for everyone :blush:

haha…yeah…not liking this ‘feature’.

Hello @psherman,

This definitely should not be happening. Is the auto-unlock feature turned on for this Wyze Lock?

Also, please private message me your Wyze account email and the time the auto-unlock happened. I will let our team investigate what happened.

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Hi Jonathan,

Sorry missed this. Also, I don’t have the times that this happened. I think it happened at least 4x. The first few times my wife noticed, but I thought it was just the lock auto locking. The last couple of times I noticed that it unlocked when a package was dropped off and the last time food was dropped off.

The only think I could attribute it to was that the low battery warning was on in the app.