Local On/Off Schedule for Wyze Bulbs

The Wyze Plugs offer Local Schedule where you can set a schedule that will fire regardless of internet connectivity. That is a really nice feature and it’d be great to see it in the Wyze bulbs.

I realize that this may seem like feature creep but in reality the closer to the device (the more local) a rule is, the more reliable that rule is likely to be. Ideally, you get both “Schedule Rules” (that is rules that are dependent on the time of day or a timer) are tracked locally (reducing traffic) but also have a server backup. Then, as long as the local devices get to sync their time (I don’t expect high precision time keeping from my light bulb) on occasion then I have less worries about the internet going out (whether it’s wifi interference, a Wyze server problem or something else).

So, to summarize: Local Schedules on Wyze Bulbs Please (similar to what is available on the Wyze plugs would be great).

P.S. I feel like this is something that would have been suggested previously but I couldn’t find anything in #wishlist that talked specifically about device-local schedules for bulbs.

[Mod Edit]: Tags modified to enhance search clarity. This wishlist request is applicable only to bulbs with Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity (Bluetooth LE, BLE). BLE-enabled Wyze bulbs include Wyze Bulb Color and Wyze Bulb White (Wyze Bulb v2). Wyze Bulb v1 is not BLE-enabled.

Just to confirm: All bulbs currently being sold would be BLE capable, right?

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By Wyze, yes. I’m sure 3rd party sellers still have v1 stock.

Same restriction applies to Plugs, which is why local schedules are not available for Plug v1 in the Wyze app… local schedules for Plug 2021 (CFH) only.

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