Latest App update has Slow motion playback?

Not sure if this just me n my cams (V2)? But the last app update (2.5.30) with my cams firmware ( now creates two problems for me.

  1. Slow motion - during extended playback, nothing moves at a normal pace. The 12-15 Event clips playback just fine. (@ normal speeds)

  2. Sometimes “Continuous recording” of motion related events cuts off .
    If the subject pauses for a few seconds and then starts moving again. My can does not resume tracking and or recording, the rest of the event.

Example: A USPS employee paused for a few seconds to change directions. Cam playback of the recording, abruptly ended right there!

Previous versions did not have this problem.

Not sure if this is the right place to post / submit this?

But I became painfully aware of the importance of my cams doing so, effectively.

Example - Last week when Fedex claimed to have delivered a laptop and did not!

The seller was satisfied, the shipper was satisfied and I was looking at footing the bill!

Lucky for me, only a USPS carrier and not a FedEx del driver was anywhere to be found.

What I have tried to do, to fix this is -

  1. Power Cycle both devices
  2. Restart both devices
  3. Re-insert SD card (32gb)
  4. Change SD card

How do I know it’s the update?

Because my “On the Road Tablet” is on running -
App Ver. 2.2.38
My @ Home tablet is on running - App ver. 2.2.50

Any help in resolving one of Both would be greatly appreciated!


I suggest you update to the latest general public release Android V2.5.36 (Release date: October 8, 2019) it runs better than 2.5.30


Thank you!

Much better now!

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Cool :sunglasses: I’m glad it’s gooder for ya now :smiley: