Larger event thumbnails

Thank you very much for the screenshot! Also, I appreciate how you left it in landscape to showcase that problem as well. :wink:


Before and after update on an iPad.


Thanks for the comparison shot!

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Make it faster and easier to review all the videos. So you don’t have to watch them all.

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Please make the preview thumbnail images LARGER!!! They are useless as they are… way too small.

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Agree 100%, developers use big high resolution screens, looks fine. On phones and tablets, too small. Obviously they don’t do any UI end user device check/testing.


When viewing events in the WYZE app, I would like to see the thumbnails from the video cams enlarged.


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In the events page. Enlarge the chip one-third size. Put a delete and share button in the lower right corner of each preview. This will help user during previews. Link at the preview or delete it easy.

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And add the enlarge/maximize button.

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Ability to enlarge events page Thumbnails/Snapshots

When using the Cam Plus events page, if I am searching for something, the thumbnails/snapshots of the events are too small. Would be nice to be able to enlarge the snapshots, by enlarging the page, such as can be done enlarging smartphone photos. Or possibly there could be a setting that controls the size of the snapshots in settings. Any way to enlarge the snapshots would helpful. Thanks.

The ability to increase the size of the thumbnails in Events using a android cell phone, android tablet, LDPlayer which can run android apps like WYZE so you can view the video on a big monitor like a computer uses.

Thumbnail too small

Please let thumbnails events be bigger like home page were you see all cameras

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Is there a way to increase the size of images shown in my Recent Events list (on iphone) without opening them individually ?
Seems to me too much screen real estate is taken up with Camera Names and event times leaving very small images which are too small to be examined without opening.

The thumb nails are highlighted on playback just align bar on event in playback & view full screen