Issues with Two Wyze Doorbells

I have two wyze doorbells. They work great during the day time but at night at least one goes off line and I have to turn off power to get it to restore. At first it use to be only the carport doorbell but since I turned off night vision mode, it does not go offline as much. I have also turn off night vision mode on the front door,

Its not the wifi because not only I changed to a mesh node wifi, I placed an extender in the carport area for the carport doorbell.

This leads me to believe it’s a power issue.
What’s your transformer rated for?
How is your wiring set up? Please include pictures if possible.

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The house was built in 1968 so I am assuming the box is that old. I am including a photo to check how it’s wired. At this time the transformer is bypassed.

I see the same thing. My doorbell goes randomly offline and the only way for me to recover it is to power cycle (incidently, I plugged the transformer into a wyze plug so I can do that remotely. I bought a new transformer (see link below) but it isn’t helping.

After changing both doorbells from auto to off, I have not had to do a power off reboot. Both doorbells seems to be working.

WHen you say from auto to off are you talking about night vision mode? Does anyone know if Wyze is working on correcting the issue?

Yes I am talking about the night vision mode. Not sure if Wyze has been notified. I am assuming they monitor the threads.

Ok, I’ve shut it off - wish me luck :slight_smile:

:laughing: fingers, legs, eyes crossed

Definitely sound like a power issue, when I.R. is on (Auto or On) the unit draws more power to light up the Infra-Red L.E.D.'s

The transformer has a current rating usually a “VA” rating, A larger value VA means it supplies more current (Amps) The transformer is not in the doorbell itself and is usually mounted elsewhere like a garage or utility cabinet. My bet is that the transformer is the issue.

The transformer in your link is ONLY 300ma, each camera should have at least 1000ma available if it were a V3, not sure on doorbell cam but 300ma is not enough in my opinion with IR on.

A V3 will draw over 500ma with video streaming and IR on.