Issue with Wyze Cam Outdoor during snow shower

I would like to start by saying the Wyze outdoor cams are great and worked well during the summer/fall. I have a Wyze Pan mounted outdoor for over a year and did not have the same problem. I mounted the cameras outdoor, with a slight incline to allow rain or snow not to settle on the cameras. I noticed that after the first major snowfall that the night vision IR light caused the images to go blank. At first it was kind of cool to see the frost and flakes as it formed on the screen, and even more interesting to see the forms take shape but when it was obviously obstructing the camera and preventing the infrared from working correctly.

Once I switched off the night vision IR light I could hardly make out an image. After a few days the temperature equalized and the image was better.

However was this an oversight as to how well the devices would operate in colder Chicagoland temperatures?

Was Wyze aware of distortion in video images due to cold weather? The image was reduced to a small circle with fuzzy edges on both cameras in very different locations, one camera cleared up with the sunrise but the other remained fuzzy for a few days.