Issue with Alexa + Wyze Garage Door Controller

Set up the Wyze Garage Door controller fine over a month ago and connected with Alexa. It seemed to be working fine.

However, in recent weeks, we started getting “That value is out of range for Device 2” when we try to use Alexa voice to open or close the garage door via the Wyze controller.

Any idea how to resolve this? Is it a matter of deleting the Wyze garage door controller from our Alexa-connected devices and rediscovering/setting it up? Thanks.

I recall discussion here about Alexa support for Wyze GDC was coming. Is it here? Did they implement Alexa support officially? I don’t remember see an announcement. And I think this is the first thread that I have seen that implies Alexa support exists and has been working recently.

If Alexa support exists on Wyze GDC, good - glad to hear it/to know. Just didn’t know it was up.

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