Is someone trying to hack my camera?

Having so many sites that require a user name and password, I had to get a password manager. I use Lastpass and it works great. I’ve had it for about 5 years now. Price has gone up, It is $24/year but is well worth it.

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Unless you need the premium features (family, sharing, etc.), the free version is great. :wink:

True, but I like the premium features so willing to pay the $24.

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I am 74+ and I really like LastPass for my password manager. Just be careful to set it up so that you have a secure access point for it by using 2FA - and I have my daughter as a designated emergency contact when LastPass is in doubt that I am actually me. LOL The extra steps you take seem small in comparison to the peace of mind that you are protected.

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i didn’t even know that it was, i tried to change it but i’m not sure it worked.

did i fix it? the site isn’t very user friendly…

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It isn’t showing in your profile now so you got it cleared from the public view now. :slightly_smiling_face:

You changed your Username. You can change that back if you like. The problem was your email address (also your Wyze user ID) was in your ‘name’ field.

As a temporary solution, the moderators have since hidden the ‘name’ field on all accounts. So, you can’t even see it to change it at the moment. They are working on a better resolution, but you should be safe with your 2FA.


REF: Password managers, etc.

My memory is sooooooooo bad that I keep forgetting my password … and I was constantly seeing the dreaded “Your Password is Incorrect” message.

So, I finally decided to change ALL my passwords to “Incorrect.”

That way, on each website, I’m always reminded that my password is incorrect.

Pretty smart, huh?

Edit: Oh man, I just told the world what my passport is! Nevermind … this post is incorrect.

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Random hacking attempts are not that uncommon, and once past the PW field, that’s where 2FA proves its value. Unless the perp has access to that “2nd factor” (which most often is a phone , a code generator, or a key) they will not get any further. System works exactly as designed.

Wyze uses SMS for two-factor authentication - the easiest to implement but also the least secure, as SIM cards are clonable and it is not that hard to “social engineer” access to an account with a wireless carrier.
I’d wish Wyze would support also authenticator apps like Authy, or Google/MSFT authenticator, or a slew of the other ones that meets the common standard.

And to enhance security even further, you can always use some odd (non-public) e-mail address for your Wyze (camera, not the forum - as they are/can be different). Let’s say that your known address is “” and that is an address you use a lot to communicate with people, etc, you can also - in same Outlook mailbox - have an adress like “” and use that one uniquely when accessing devices or accounts.

This can of course be made very complicated, but if using an address that is litearlly unknown/unpublished, you have increased you baseline security quite a bit - via a very easy step.

Then follows of course basic account and password tracking (when you signed up, when PW was changed, what type of account, 2FA used or not, CC on file, recurring billing, etc, etc).


Thank you for posting this! You just prompted me to login and set my 2FA up as well!


How long does it take to get the authentication code? Someone said up to 2 hours. That’s unacceptable.

It’s never taken more than a few seconds for me. Just did it – took maybe 3 seconds. Mine is via Verizon text message.

Also, I have found authentication code emails sometimes end up in my spam folder. Make sure you check the spam folder to see if it ended up in there. This has happened to me several times.

If the devices (camera) or app has been created with a “backdoor” (and that is possible by insiders or state actors… these are made you-know-where), a password of any length will not stop intrusions.

So what are you basing the backdoor theory on as related to Wyze? Might as well say all apps on everything is compromised.

It would be nice if the cams came with their own firewall(s).

for real, especially since my two factor failed and someone hacked my camera yesterday… and no, no one has access to my phone but me. i live alone, i was alone. garbage.

When you say the 2FA failed and someone hacked your camera what do you mean? A 2FA code showing up on your phone that you did not request may indeed indicate that someone is trying to access your camera but is actually proof that the 2FA worked not failed.

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Regarding email addresses in the name field: we recently discovered that some user’s email address was getting placed into the full name field by the forum software. We are working on a script that will remove the email address from the full name field for these users. In the mean time, we have turned off and hidden the full name field entirely. If you try to edit the field right now, you will not be able to see or modify it.

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