IR flips on and off and on and off, endlessly at twilight, or dim light

They must be looking for indoor room lighting flipping on and off? What happens when that indoor room slowly gets dark? Same thing as us, I imagine. In any case, hysteresis will fix all. They spend so much effort resisting, when so little would be required to fix it.

Lol, now that’s out of touch. Both already exist and have for some time.

Methinks it is impossible to change anything. :frowning_face:

Oh yes - the same thing happens in an indoor room. When I started this thread (back in Nov 2018), it was to report my V2 going click-click-click at dusk. It was located in an interior hallway. I sent them logs. I sent them a video. And in my first post, I suggested that they should add some hysteresis to the detection algorithm.

I’ve run out of starch on this (one needs lots of starch with which to stiffen the rope that we’re pushing on).


I’ve a clear V2 that just started doing the flipping at dawn/dusk. Besides clicking being annoying I’m concerned that the IR filter will wear out and get stuck.
@WyzeGwendolyn Has anything been done about this?

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Recently, the dawn behavior of my pan-cam is not consistent. For a long time (months), at dawn it’s been going clickity-click (every 30 to 60 seconds or so) over an interval of several minutes. Just can’t make up its mind. This morning, it only clicked once, flipping from night to day mode as it should. Same view of backyard and sky, same firmware, same weather conditions (clear sky, not cloudy/rainy/foggy). There’s been no change in the setting or environment that I can see.

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Same here. I mentioned this in my post #39 as well. It seems like support has taken this issue too lightly.

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I’m surprised there had not been a wishlist item for a fix for this already.
But Loki did not shoot it down so hop over and vote.

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My vote is in.

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How does this fault become a wishlist item?! It’s a bug not a requested feature.

My cameras have been doing this for months. Wearing out the mechanism and creating false motion notifications.

As ridiculous as it is to vote for a remedy for this bug I put my vote in as well.

Thanks gemniii

I’m tempted to start a new Wishlist item for the Metronome feature: tick-tock, tick-tock. Make the frequency adjustable. Then use the multi-function Wyze device to capture video & audio of the music student practicing their piano scales, guitar tabs, drum riffs, etc while following the beat :blush:

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I’m going to chat with the team about which posts are appropriate for the Wishlist. I’ll also see if I can get someone from the product team to look at this topic for you.

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Hello every. We are aware of this issue and we are working on it.

We have a mechanism in place so that after the IR flips back and forth for 2 times, the threshold for change would be significantly increased. This mechanism was introduced many months ago and we thought this issue had been fixed, until I started to receive reports several weeks ago.

I talked with our developers on this and they are confused as well. Currently we are in the process of collecting videos and logs for troubleshooting. If you run into this issue, please send me the video and device log at

Thank you.

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Thanks for the update.
I already sent you a link to the 9 minute dawn video that I captured on my pan-cam. I assume you have downloaded it and are using it for your investigation. If so, let me know and I will remove it from my Dropbox.

I must say the behavior of my camera at dawn is most puzzling, and I wonder if there is something else going on in the code. For quite some time (many weeks) it has quite consistently been clicking back and forth at dawn for several minutes; The cam is in my bedroom looking out a window, and it wakes me up. The video I sent (19 clicks) was quite typical. But the last few days, the repetitive clicking has stopped. It flips once from night to day, and that’s it. It’s possible that I’m sleeping through the first 5/10/15 clicks and I’m just waking up for the last one, but I don’t think so. The ambient lighting hasn’t changed. The cam hasn’t moved. The firmware hasn’t been updated. There’s something very non-linear going on.

Time for some out-of-box thinking! See post 48 from NewsHound above. I’m also an EE and I agree with him.

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I just sent you another video, along with logs from my pan-cam. Your ticketing system assigned #284159.

FYI, my V2 also went click-click at dawn. Only three times over three minutes (i.e. from night to day to night to day). It’s looking over the same exterior vista that you’ll see in the pan-cam video, but from a different location.

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Here are the test firmware with a fix for the constant IR flipping issue. Please use a SD Card to flash the firmware to only the cameras with such issue.
Let me know if it works in your case. Thank you.


I’ve downloaded the Pan_DayNightSwitch_Fix firmware (it’s marked as version and installed it in my PanCam.
The performance is worse. MUCH worse. Indeed, HORRIBLY WORSE.

In the previous dawn video sample that I sent you, the IR filter flipped back and forth 19 times over 9 minutes before finally settling on daytime mode.
This morning (at dawn), the IR flipped back and forth hundreds of times, over 8 minutes or so. I probably missed the first half-dozen clicks before I got the recording started.
I lost count at a hundred clicks, but it kept going like a metronome for 8 minutes, flipping the IR filter back and forth every few seconds.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth a thousand clicks. You can see for yourself the performance of the new (and not improved) decision algorithm:

Dropbox - File Deleted


What I would like is the ability to schedule night mode. On/Off/Auto is not enough flexibility. Or maybe the ability to define “how dark” before auto kicks in.

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Hello, thank you for sharing this feedback. We are still working on the fix and I will post updated firmware here.


The next time you post a test build of software, it would be helpful if you could indicate the version number, (which assumes that the devs assigned a new version number to the test build. It’s important that they do). Otherwise, it’s impossible to know what build is installed in the cameras.

I’m inclined to revert back to Its day/night detection algorithm worked better than the new test build that you posted last week.

I encourage those who are working on a fix for this to consider the use of hysteresis in their decision logic.


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We are definitely considering that. Could you send a device log of that version to

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