Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, AI detection type, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

Thank you for this information on these 3rd party apps. I use another one called Shouter from the Google Store which works quite effectively and announces all notifications from my Wyze Cameras and also from other brand cameras like one I have in Smart Life, and includes in the announcement the name of the app making the announcement. It also announces events from my Wyze Door Lock. Example: “Notification from Wyze. It says Wyze Person detected on Front Door at 8:12 PM. Check out the Event Video.” (Of course that one sometimes produces a laugh when someone pops up and says something “How do they know whether the guy outside the door is wise or stupid?”

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I see the value of this feature and advocated strongly for it, but when I discovered (from a post by tharn in another topic) that the functionality was readily available through a third party app, I stopped caring at all if Wyze introduced it natively. Even if Wyze did introduce this, I’m not sure I would use it as I am totally happy with Buzzkill managing my notifications across several apps. I can almost guarantee that, if Wyze introduced this natively, it would be an afterthought and would not be as robust or feature-rich an implementation as you can get from the various third party apps that provide this functionality as a core mission.

To those who refuse to use third party apps, well, while I respect your right to make that decision, your doing so immediately negates any sympathy I might have. The solution is there for the taking but you refuse it. You made your call.


BuzzKill you say? I’ll look into it

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Great tip! Thank you - I will try it out! Might solve a problem I have with a long-winded daughter who breaks her thoughts up into about a dozen consecutive texts! :slight_smile:

Set a different sound notificacion per device

I would like to request that Wyze let us set a different sound notification per device in the app. This way we dont need to see the notification and by just listening we can identify in which device happened exactly.

#customizesoundnotifications #cameras #wishlist

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I was thinking it would be nice to have a separate Notification for person notification, or maybe vice versa, separate ai notification vs motion notification. This way I could assign a different ringtone to say person. A lot of times, I get so many notifications that say motion Or person I ignore a lot of them. The Person notification is pretty good and reliable. But the ringtone is the same, although the onscreen notification says person I don’t always look at my phone.


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@antoniovp, you have both iOS and Android listed as devices on your profile. Is your phone iOS or Android? Android phones can use 3rd party apps to do this.

Notification sound option in Wyze App

Hi All, if you are like me you are constantly getting notifications on the phone throughout the day. I noticed Wyze has no way to set custom notification sound. Sounds like an easy fix and it would sure be nice to differentiate a camera notification from others without having to pick up the phone every time.

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distinct sound for door lock/unlock

Wish the notification (iphone) for the door locking/unlocking could be distinct. Now it is same as the many other notifications I get throughout the day. The same thing goes for my wyzecam I have monitoring my yard. That too would benefit from a special notification tone. My Ring doorbell has a distinct chime when it detects motion which is a nice alert. I wish I could distinguish my Wyze alerts in a similar way. Thanks

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Differentiate the Doorbell motion and button notification sound.

With all motion and AI on all cameras, including the doorbell button press, sounding the same there is no way to get a notification if someone is at the door.
Sometimes you can ignore motion and Ai alerts (if you cannot pick up the phone) but would like to answer if someone is at the door (any device at any location sounds the same).
Appreciate any possibility of adding a different sound (or even playing the one programmed for the chime) for the Doorbell Pro button press.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @kshahar! :raising_hand_man: Glad to have you aboard! :grin:

If you enable the VOIP setting in Account → Notifications → Push Notifications, your doorbell will place a video call to your phone instead of getting a standard push notification when someone rings the bell. You can then assign a custom ringtone to your doorbell in your Android settings. Motion and AI videos will still be by push notification.

Alternatively, since you do use Android, you can use a 3rd party app like MacroDroid or BuzzKill to set custom notification tones. See this post for a detailed description.


Does it require setting Wyze as an eSIM provider? Or selecting the current SIM? Or a different setting altogether? I tried, but the call dropped, and a dialog to select a SIM card was presented.

If memory serves, you just select “current SIM”. That is a one time prompt and it will use your normal SIM in your phone. I’ll let SlabSlayer verify, but I believe that’s correct.

My phone ring, but I cannot answer

You should be able to answer the incoming call, it should bring up the doorbell camera’s image, then you can take the microphone off of MUTE and be able to speak to and hear the person at the door. Try it again after you’ve chosen the regular SIM for the call. If that still doesn’t work, you might want to contact Support.

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I get a call with a caller ID of the camera name.
I answer the call, and the call immediately ends with a 00:00min long call.
Does it use the WyzeApp to manage the call or call back to my registered phone number?

To be real honest, I set mine up almost a year ago, and don’t actually remember. @SlabSlayer , can you “chime” (pun intended) in on kshahar’s doorbell setup, please?

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Thanks for the tag @DaBassMann. Sorry for the delay I have been out driving all day. Will try to address issues:

On Android, when the VOIP is enabled, it activates a virtual SIM on the phone for the doorbell to use when initiating the VOIP so that it can connect the Video Call outside of your cellular service (causes more problems than it solves IMO)

It will ask you which SIM to use on all calls because the phone now thinks you have 2 SIMs installed (1 physical, 1 Virtual). I was able to get the pop-up question to stop by designating my physical SIM as the default for all phone calls on Android 11 by opening the Phone App, selecting Settings from the upper right 3 dot menu, then selecting Calls, then Calling Accounts. You should see your physical SIM w\ the card icon and the Wyze Virtual Sim w\ no icon. At the bottom you will see “Make & Receive Calls”. This is where you will designate your physical SIM. It probably says “always ask”. You can see mine is already set so it shows my physical Mint SIM.

Click on “SIM Card for Voice calls” and it should pop-up where you can select your physical SIM.

Once you do that, it shouldn’t ask again.

Until you have your default set, it may try to use the Wyze Virtual SIM. If it tries and the permissions aren’t there, no telling how the app will respond.

Set the setting above and test it. If it is still giving you issues, post back w\ your app and FW version and a detailed description of the issue.

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Unique alert tones

I have several cameras @ different properties.
I/we would like to have different alert tones for detection so I know what/where the detection is before looking at my phone.

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If you are an android user, buzzkill app will be your best bet for custom notifications