Im giving up on Wyze

Im finally giving up on Wyze. Ive been testing the security system for a year. But I’ve had it with its continual disconnections.

The hub disconnects from my wifi and goes offline. Its a pain in the butt to reconnect.

Today was the kast straw. It went offline and it refuses to connect. BT pairs ok, Even wifi connects, but it gets to the 3rd step Fibishing Setup and hangs there until timeout. And says try again.

Ive tried dozens of times. Now my security system is down and wont reconnect. What happens if this happens while Im away. Undependable security is no security.

Im done. No way to resolve this.

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Check out some of the self installed alarm websites, you can get a REAL security system and pay very close to the same for monitoring.

The upside is a system that REALLY works as real systems have a UL rating for security equipment.

The Wyze HMS is NOT an UL Approved system, that should be the first clue to not use a toy for a life and property protection device.

Check out any of these websites

And there are many more…


I have been using my HMS, Sense Hub, motion sensors, contact sensors, climate sensors and leak detectors for over 18 months and have never had any problem with it ever going offline. My experience has been the complete opposite. I have it connected by Ethernet and plugged into a dedicated UPS. It is one of the most reliable IoT devices I have an works as a real professionally monitored security system.

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Right. So how do you connect your motion sensors by ethernet. When you fib, no one believes you.

One of the selling points is wireless. If you are not using wireless, you arent using what Im using so your comment is irrelevant, at worst or off-topic at best.

My problem is the wifi connection. Duh!

You sound like a paid stooge. Notice how no wyze people are trying to help. They know this is a problem, even if you dont. Again, you dont have a wireless system, by your own admission.

Your question is absurd and the sad thing is that you already knew that prior to sending it. Lacking any substantive reply, I can certainly understand your need to digress.

“it” being the operative word, not “them”. “it” referring to the Wyze Sense Hub since we all already know it is the one single and only piece of the entire Sense hardware system that requires internet access, either by Ethernet or by WiFi.

Indeed it is. So glad you realize that. But it certainly isn’t your WiFi Router, a weak connection, network overload, band intereference, IP conflicts, or anything like that. Why would we ever question the actual WiFi network or the ISP for that matter. That is undoubtedly rock solid.

My point in stating that I have it attached via Ethernet is because that is the most stable and secure way of connecting it since it is an active security system and not just another iOT gadget.

There certainly is a reason they will not engage with you. “This being a problem” isn’t the reason.

The best of luck to you with your new system. Hopefully they will also have a forum of users willing to assisted each other in solving issues.


Same, but my Hub has been connected via WiFi for the past 19 months.


I am sorry you are having problems with your security system. You mention no one from Wyze has tried to help, have you contacted Customer Support about this issue?

Wyze Support

(206) 339-9646
Mon - Fri 4am - 8pm PT
Sat - Sun 8am - 4pm PT

@SlabSlayer was correct in saying the best way to connect the hub is via Ethernet but you can also use wireless. There are many factors that go into whether it will stay connected or not.

The Mavens and Moderators here are not paid and are not stooges, they volunteer their spare time to help others, that’s why this is mainly referred to as a user to user forum. There are a few of us Wyze employees here but not enough to catch everything. Please be kind to the fellow users and the volunteers.


I solved the current problem. But it’s still a problem, if my HUB and
sensors keep going offline.

I deleted the HUB and reinstalled it, to get it working. I couldn’t
connect otherwise. I tried dozens of times. It goes offline several
times a month. I don’t have time to keep dealing with this. I had
another professional system, before this one, and it never went offline,
in 5 years.


This has happened to me while I’m away and I too and done with Wyze. They need to reliably reconnect on their own. Wyze’s suggestion to me was to power cycle the devices. What good is that while I’m not at home?

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