Ideas for consolidated battery status and signal strength page and notification (applicable to all Wyze battery-powered devices)

As battery voltage is critical to the survivability of the Wyze Sense sensors I would like to see a field in the sensor device info part of the app that shows the current battery voltage.


I would love to have this too. It could help with positioning of the sensor hub too.

Note… I dont know if the main dashboard needs this information. I’m fine if this is a special page within the sensor hub pages.

Create a Battery Status/Management Page Showing Battery Level/Type for all Devices

Please develop a Battery Status/Management page somewhere in the app.

To be clear, it’s okay if you implement it differently from any of my suggestions below and still consider this request to be “Granted.” However, I will give you some examples of what I think would make for a great implementation:

It would be great to have a single place we can go to see the battery level of every Wyze product that uses a battery. Right now we may have devices spread out to different device groups, and we often have to go look at each device individually: Some devices require us to look in different places to find the battery level. Some will show it on the Camera Live stream, some devices require us to go into settings under the Device Info area. There isn’t a lot of consistency and it can be spread around in different groups and positions or have different ways to check it. This becomes especially difficult for people who may have dozens or more devices to have to track down each one individually. If we could easily go to a single place, such as a card in the Account Tab, it would be so great to see the Battery level and maybe battery type of every device we have that is using a battery.

In this battery management page, it would be nice if each device activated on the account was displayed with what the battery type is similar to this:

Device Battery Type
Wyze Band Rechargeable
Wyze Buds Rechargeable
Wyze Buds Pro Rechargeable
Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 Rechargeable
Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Rechargeable
Wyze Floor Lamp Controller AAAx1
Wyze Gun Safe AAx4
Wyze Headphones Rechargeable
Wyze Lock (Original) AAx4
Wyze Lock Keypad AAx2
Wyze Lock Bolt AAx4
Wyze Robot Vacuum Rechargeable
Wyze Room Sensor AAAx2
Wyze Scale AAAx4
Wyze Scale S AAAx4
Wyze Scale X AAAx4
Wyze Sense Climate Sensor CR2032
Wyze Sense Contact Sensor (v1) CR1632
Wyze Sense Entry Sensor v2 AAAx1
Wyze Sense Hub Rechargeable
Wyze Sense Keypad AAx3
Wyze Sense Leak Sensor CR2450
Wyze Sense Motion Sensor (v1) CR2450
Wyze Sense Motion Sensor v2 AAAx2
Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Rechargeable
Wyze Watch Rechargeable
Wyze Watch 44 Rechargeable
Wyze Watch 47 Rechargeable
Wyze Watch 47C Rechargeable

But I would recommend the following fields:

  • Device Name in the app
  • Device Model
  • Battery Type (as shown above)
  • Battery level if known (percentage or whatever measurement is used, maybe a graphic for the ones that don’t show a percentage, or say “Unknown” or “Check Manually” for those that can’t be checked through the app).
  • Since some devices aren’t constantly pinged (Lock Bolt, Gun Safe, etc), it could be good to included a date/time last checked/known, or maybe state here which batteries can’t be checked remotely, or include a field next to each for how to find out what the Device battery level is.

A page with something like this would be excellent:

Device Name Model Battery Type Battery Level Last Checked How to check
Back Door Sensor Entry Sensor V2 AAAx1 Normal (date/time) Settings-Device Info
Backyard Cam WCO v2 Rechargeable 40% (date/time) Home Tab; Live Stream; or settings area
Bedroom Safe Gun Safe AAx4 8% (date/time) Open Lock in app when nearby (see graphic); Settings - Device Info shows percentage
Living Room Temperature Climate Sensor CR2032 Low (date/time) Settings-Device Info
Office Lamp Wyze Floor Lamp (Controller) AAAx1 Unknown Unknown Check Manually
Watch Watch 47C Rechargeable 59% (date/time) Open Watch in App, look up top

Could be better to sort it by Device Model instead of Device name. I won’t be picky. And since it will be on a mobile app, maybe Just the device name and Battery Level showing on the screen and then more details will show if someone clicks on it. I’m just giving an example above of something I think lots of people would find really helpful. Wyze already basically collects and has all the above information so it should be fairly easy to just have a dedicated Battery Management page people can pull up to see all Battery Device details all at once. I’ve already looked up all the Battery Type details for you all in the above table. If you’d like someone to do the same for “How to check” the battery status for the different ways for every device, someone could easily check or write that up too. But the main thing would be a general area to check what our battery level is on all our devices without having to search around in different places.

Does anyone have any other suggestions/ideas?

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Notification for all battery operated products sent directly to the user. Instead of having to check each device for battery status.

I’m pretty sure all of mine send me push notifications through the app already. Which devices aren’t sending you a notification when the battery is low?

Battery camera pro.
The only way I know the battery status is to bring each one up.