How Wyze Sense saved my marriage

Now I get a notification any time the toilet seat has been left up :smiley:


Careful, I don’t know the IP rating but it is probably not salt waterproof. If I was doing that I’d put the sensor on top.

$20 (+ shipping & handling) says my aim is better than that!

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It’s not your aim I was thinking of. It’s the inevitable splatter.

:smiley: either way we’ll see how it far it gets me

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Anyone else happen to notice the bidet functionality that has been added on? Small price to pay for marriage saving; consider thanking the person with something extra who cleans the water closets in this home. :toilet:

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Oh yes, we all keep squeaky clean in this household :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh man, I was just joking about this a couple of days ago … and now you’ve gone and done it!

Man, I hope my wife doesn’t see this or I’m going to have to rethink my thinking on the subject!