How to search #wishlist (and other categories)

Before posting in the #wishlist category, we ask that you do a quick search to make sure that the topic is not already there. This saves our moderators time in not having to merge submissions. Just search for a one or two key words of your proposed topic. If it’s there, it should pop up, and then you can vote and add comments. There is no need to search each subcategory of the #wishlist separately. One search will cover the main category and all subcategories.

There are four ways to search in a specific category:

  1. Use this link: Search in Wishlist and add your search term(s) in the box.

  2. If you are viewing the topic list within a category, when you click the search icon image click the option to search only in that category:


  3. From any forum screen, click the search icon image and then the “advanced search” button image at the right end of the search box. This will take you to the Advanced Search screen where you can choose a category to search (and several other options):

  4. In any search field (popup or advanced), you may type “#wishlistor#category-name” to limit your search to that category.

Why isn’t there a little heart at the bottom of your post so we can express “Like”?

Wow, you’re full of questions this morning! :slight_smile:

It’s because it’s the top post of the topic in #wishlist. Because of the category, there’s no like button on the top post; it’s been replaced with the VOTE button. But the vote button isn’t really useful in this case since it’s an informational pinned post.