How to order more door sensors

How on earth do we order more door sensors? I want the 3 sensor kit for 19.99 but it only lets you order that if you also order a monitor kit and I already have that. I just need 3 more sensors and I can’t get ahold of anyone, the chat bot is useless and the contact page just keeps erroring out.

Nevermind, I finally got ahold of someone and they are out of stock with no idea when they will get more…lol

I would just want to order the hardware and not the monitoring, like Wyze used to offer. But I guess Wyze no longer wishes to serve the needs of a “self monitor” customer.

I am having the same difficulty. I didn’t realize I couldn’t order more after receipt of the starter kit. Sadly, I am completely uninclined to order anything else from Wyze until they can get the first product I purchased to work appropriately.

And I agree about the online chat. Pretty useless.