How to get order support?

I helped my mother place an order on 4/2 for one Outdoor v2 and one Cam Panv3 at a total price of $119.69. I entered all required information for her and she got a confirmation email. The shipment never reached her house! Somewhere in the process, the name of her street was missing from the shipment. I know that information was present as it was also needed for the credit card billing address.

She’s tried to get support but told me she was told Wyze is not responsible for the lost order. I’m hoping she’s just misunderstanding. I’ve ordered many things from many companies, but I’ve never had a case where an order would be accepted without a street name! As much as I’m confident that street name was there when the order was placed (since I did it for her), I still don’t know how your order system would permit a blank for that field!

She just wants to get her order! I’m ready to let her credit card company take up this issue since it’s SO hard to reach a human now. (It wasn’t this way a few years ago!) I’m sure we can switch her over to Blink, Arlo, or something else where support isn’t so hard to find. But she wants to stay with Wyze because she’s familiar with it.

So how can we get her order re-sent, please?

Every time I have placed an order and get a conformation email and I click on the Check Order Status and it shows all the information of the order including address, tracking number, how and when shipped and payment method, did you check that? Did you contact support by phone 206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226 with the Order Number? If they shipped it they know who they shipped it with either the Post Office USPS, or some other carrier.