How many of the same type of log should I submit?

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I keep getting “Video can’t be uploaded ot the cloud succesfully” errors. I have probably submmited 500 logs in the past 3 weeks with this issue alone.

What is the protocal for submitting logs? Should I submit the same issue everytime it happens? Or is one time enough? Is there a in between?

The fact that I have several hundred of these errors in a week (over 4 cameras) is annoying, but I do want to waste my time (or Wyze time) submitting each instance if I do not need to be.

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You can submit the log as many times as you like, the more data Wyze has the more data they can use to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues, but, I don’t believe the Wyze teams are actively monitoring Log queues.

I would say if you have a constant issue, the best path for resolution is to contact Wyze support and provide the log numbers to the support agent so that when the agent escalates the issue they can provide the engineering teams the supporting log number(s) for research.

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