How do I turn my AC off?

In the iOS App, I tap my thermostat, then I get the current status screen with the “Controls” on the bottom. I slide that up and tap “Off”, which often does turn it off, other times I need to exit the controls menu for it to take affect. Anyway, it only stays off for a few minutes, then it turns right back on. I’ve tried everything I can think of, using the “Hold” function, but Off doesn’t seem to apply to the Hold function. I’ve tried everything, and the only way I’ve been able to actually keep it off is to physically unplug my AC/Heater unit.
I’m a little frustrated, honestly. The Vacuum I bought from Wyze has been amazing, so I expected the thermostat to be great too, but I’m actually very disappointed (not just because of this issue).

Is there some magic-bullet trick for turning the AC off and having it remain off until I turn it back on? Or do I just need to continue physically unplugging it until there’s a fix?

If it is possible, I’d appreciate any advice.

There are multiple issues that may be causing the Thermostat to go back into an active mode, not the least of which is not being wired or setup for the specific type of unit you have.

  • Do you have any Schedules saved?
  • Is your Auto Switch toggle enabled?
  • What is your Safety Temp set to?
  • Do you have a Fan Cycle minimum time set?

Is this something that just started or has it done this since installing it?

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